X-plosive Jigsaw Puzzles Lite

X-plosive Jigsaw Puzzles Lite 1.0

X-plosive Jigsaw Puzzle offers endless gameplay at all difficulty levels
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X-plosive Jigsaw Puzzle Lite is a simple jigsaw game, with about twenty photographs, that all family members can play.
The default pictures are really beautiful, and include many categories such as nature, with waterfalls, icebergs, forests, ocean; animals, with cats, dogs, bears, and others like cars, places, etc. When you run the game, you will see the board with all the default puzzles, some with a definite number of pieces and others uncut, you simply choose one and start playing. The uncut puzzles are there for you to set all its features, with the buttom “Cut". You will find in this option unlimited possibilities to customize your puzzle, such as the number of pieces, their shape and size and a lot more.
Apart from this, X-plosive Jigsaw Puzzle offers you the possibility of using your pictures, what gives you endless new games.
The game interface is quite welcoming, and it is really easy to customize the jigsaw to suit your like and expertise. X-plosive Jigsaw Puzzle is an excellent game, straightforward and with lots of options.

Mariel Rearte
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